Day 1 Part 2 BeiJing China

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Part 2 of Day 1

Around 10am, there were a few performance.
This include diabolo, dancing, singing, etc.
After that it's the 1A preliminary rounds,
1A is not our division so we didn't bother to see or to take photos.
Singapore - 2A, 4A
Malaysia - 2A, 4A
Korea - 2A

For those who don't know what all these A are..
1A = single hand play - 1 yoyo
2A = double hand play - 2 yoyos
4A = Offstring play - 1 yoyo, string not attached to the yoyo

Asia Championship banner..
I'm proud of Malaysia...

Then we went for lunch
This is super spicy - in chinese - MA means numb
made my tongue and lips numb..

After that we went back to the contest venue to see the qualifying rounds.
I spent MOST of the time at the stage area, so didn't explore much in BeiJing.
Didn't get to shop much either, 4 days in BeiJing, 4 days in the same shopping mall

Dinner Time
Fried Chicken Feet

Group photo at the restaurant
Singaporeans Malaysians Koreans

All TOP Players in the country

left to right:

Yong Jun Ki - Korea 2A - 3rd
Zhu Jia Liang - Singapore 2A - 1st
Moon Hyun-woong - Korea 5A - 2nd
Thian Yew Mun - Malaysia 4A - 1st
Lee Gui Lin - Singapore 2A - 1st (2004)
Low Soon Seng - Malaysia 2A -1st
Ee Yong Hua - Malaysia 4A -2nd
Lee Dong-hoon - Korea 2A - 2nd

The Hotel
kinda blur..

At night freaking COLD, -10c

Thank you for reading.