call me la..

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Back then before I went to China, I received an unknown call.
It was actually from C e l e b r * t y F i t n * s s.
Apparently, my friend S a r a K o k registered me for the 7 days trial thingy.

The conversation :

Caller : Hello, this is E d d i *, can I speak to Wong Hua?
Me : harh? who?
Caller : Wong Hua please.
Me : I'm sorry, you got the wrong number.
Caller : Are you sure? I'm from C. Fit n e s s,
your friend S a r a K o k registered you for the 7 days trial.

Me : Ooooh okay, I'm Yong Hua. -.-
Caller : Ahhh sorry, so can you pick it up today or tomorrow.?
Me : No, I'll be leaving for China tomorrow.
Caller : Oh okay then, never mind, bye

doot dooot doooot

1 week later, he called again.
same thing, Wong Hua please. WTF man..
I said Yes this time, but I didn't have time to go.
Who cares, forget it...

3 days later, he called again.
Damn it, Wong Hua again. This time really BEH TAHAN liao.

Me : I'm not free, maybe I can collect it next week.
Caller : I'm sorry, tomorrow will be the last day for the trial period. yea right -.-
Me : Can I ask my friend to collect it for me?
Caller : No
Me : In that case, never mind lah. I'm not free this week, sorry.
Caller : Bye.

doot doooot dooooooot

Fine I thought it's over, woooohoooo celebrate!

Today, he called again.
and can I speak to Wong Hua again. wtFishcHickenChoPCowpIgduCk,
ahhhhhhhhh and he said the same line again and again...

Me : I thought you said it has already expired! I can't use it anymore.?!?
Caller : Oh, no, your voucher is still valid, can you collect it today?
Me : NONONO, I can't.
Caller : Why?!?
Me : I'm not going to 1 u tama this week and I stay quite far away from 1 u tama
Caller : Where do you stay by the way? -.- why do you have to know?!?!
Me : " KAY ELLE " some ulu ulu place... LOL
Caller : never mind then, bye.

doot dooot doooooot

I hope he will not call me again, beh tahan his voice.
Nothing much also that voucher, 7 days free only mar.
I have permanent membership in some other gym also I never go.
My dad has a card which lets you workout in more than 20 gyms during the off peak period.
That also I lazy to go. aiyah. Forget it lah.

Thank you for reading.