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Apparently, if you read what I wrote from my previous post,
that guy called me AGAIN today for the 5th time.

Caller : Hi, is this Wong Hua?
Me : Yes - whatever lah.

Lmao, this guy really don't know How to pronounce the letter Y,
or maybe Sara is the one who registered me as 'WongHua'.

Caller : This is 'dooot', from 'C doooot Fit dooooot'. Bla bla bla, same thing again.

cut it short.

He asked where I stay again, this time I said Sunway, ROFL.
I forgot that I told him I was from KL, hahaha then straight away I added Sunway after KL.
What shit place is this. hahaha. who cares.

I was driving, I said I'm not interested anymore.

Will post more tomorrow....

Thank you for reading.