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Well today was hectic,
We had 300+ aircraft seats to be overhauled.
Not an easy task for us, the seats are from
S a o Dy Alab i a Air - a BoooEi n g seven 4 sev en
(Purposely typed this to prevent it to be searchable through G o o gle)

The environment in the bay was terrible,
we had to wear our respirator to prevent the dust/particles from going in to our body.
and their ai r craft was really di rty, chewing gum wrappers all around the seats,
folk and spoons left inside the seat covers.

I'm attached to the seat bay workshop,
and this week will be my last week of practical.

Next week will be my Finals! ahhh
10th, 12th, 17th Dec
all essays!

Photos taken using my Moto V3x

eye eye eye

Thank you for reading.