Jasmine Bday

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Happy Birthday Jasmine!
On Wednesday, I went out with Jannifer and Ivan to celebrate Jasmine's birthday.
treated us dinner in BBQ Plaza 1 utama. This is my 2nd time eating in BBQ plaza,
I would say the food was okaaay, not too bad.

Before the dinner, Jan and I went to a few shops to get Jasmine's present.
Gave her 2 presents! haha so good right.

One of it was from La Senza
went in, did some shopping. hahaha

BBQ time!

burning hot!

After dinner, camera time!

Best friends! Clique forever

retarded guys reading dream girls
lol, my eyes are so small

Birthday girl and Ivan!

Group pic

Watched Golden Compass too.
Good movie.
Some may think it is boring.
But definitely there will be Golden Compass 2.
Go watch now

Thank you for reading.