hair cut

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Cut my hair on Thursday,
tough luck man, 3 more days till holiday and I still have to cut.
Our Metc Boss just came back from LIMA air show in Langkawi.
He compared us with the cadet pilot there, big difference.
He said they look smarter and we looked like junkies.
so all the seniors have to stand in the hot sun around 11am for inspection.
and I was the unlucky one, together with 40 more trainees.
Had to get our hair cut in 40mins,
so Daniel drove us out to ss14, they went to the barber.
wen jie and I went to the saloon haha.
came back after that and still have to do punishment,
stand in the hot sun for quite some time.
this is call M E T C. haha
short hair now :(

Around 4pm, we went to the MAS academy for 'jom gempak'
Daniel and Keith bought aircraft model.
Wen Jie and I bought Christmas cookies, gave mine to my mum.
hehe, wanted to see trainee stewardess but they were not there at that time.
bought this for my mum. hehehe

MAS academy
New A380 model

wen jie, me after hair cut. super short

future engineers haha

love is complicated ):

Thank you for reading.