Dinner with Chung Ann

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Well, few days back I had dinner with Chung Ann, Wen Jie and Keith.
Chung Ann is from Kuching
we went to Sky Cafe ss2.
I did not manage to take a photo of him because I was busy complaining about the food that I ordered. I ordered Unagi Kabayaki Rice, regretted after taking the first bite!
really not my taste, raw fish = small = smells = not worth it = will never eat that again!

The rm13 Unagi Rice!

Apart from that, I was busy playing ChorTaiTee with them.
we actually bet aircrafts for each round since we are all somehow related to the Aviation line.

My starting line up
4 aircrafts - Green airline!

Wahaha took over Wen Jie's Air A s i a

And more!

and MORE!!!
I need a bigger hangar to park all my aircrafts, weee

and of course I'm the winner!
Chortaitee PRO! haha

Thank you for reading.