Boring Day

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Stayed at home the whole day,
freaking boring.

was supposed to go out,
but unfortunately it was canceled.

played and practiced with my 'toys' all day.

Rubik's cube - Best time now 49 seconds
I wanna go to Rubik's world Championship! haha

Power Ball - Best record - 10350 rev per minute!
I wanna go to Power ball world championship too.

YoYo - Practicing for my freestyle,
can't think of any new tricks, ahh
I AM going to a major competition SOON
stay tune, will announce.

Yeah, was very boring and so,
I practiced my magic tricks,
was quite Into magic last time.
did some levitation.

Totally Original, no photo shop shits.

and I set up a garage sale in Low Yat Forum.
weeeee, selling all my junks.

I wanna go out..

Thank you for reading.