be happy

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Exam week :
Monday - Maintenance Practices
Wednesday - Human Factor
Next Monday - Air Legislation

3 essays paper to go till Holiday!!!
Yahoo! exams!

Are you Happy?
Get the new Happy Line!
You will always be happy!
I'm happy
I bought 8 Happy lines.
7 for my friends.
who wanna buy? I can help if I'm free. hehe
Good deal, good rate, everyone happy.
1 cent per second, max 99 cents, max talk time 45 minutes.
so if you make a short call let's say 10 sec, it is 10 cents.
if you make a loooong call, 30min or 45min you only pay 99 cents.
All network, anytime, flat rate. RM5 credit can last you for 2 months!!
haha, nice?
My new secondary number.
primary will still be m a x i s.
will start to call after my exams, :)

more photos after exams!

Thank you for reading.