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I am going to get a Prosumer !
I don't care! By hook or by crook I'll get it!
Anyone interested to sell their's please let me know!
Can't afford SLR, it is too expensive,
furthermore I'm still new in this line
so Prosumer, here I come

Basically what we do in METC during our free time is to talk about EPL.
That's the only thing we do every week, especially on Monday.
So most of us play Fantasy Football,
it is the 'game' here, if you are not playing it, you are out of place.
It's actually a virtual manager game, you just have to BUY players, manage them in a team and wait for the real match. If they score, assist or even perform well, extra points will be given.

my Champion League team
my EPL team

Anyway I saw this Fairlady
Damn pretty!
Hopefully I can own one of this in the future.
Taken with my MotoV3x, a bit blur

Thank you for reading.