7.1 SOLD!

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Good Bye speaker....
I have sold my Creative Gigaworks 7.1 S750 speaker
to a Low Yat forumer for RM1000 to make way for my new prosumer.
I just can't wait to get a new prosumer.
I'm considering either S5is or FZ18 now
Both of them are ABOVE RM1000
Have to save more money..

Some photos of my 7.1 speaker
7 speakers! damn kao lat wei

plus one Big woofer.

This is the BEST ever 7.1 speaker made.
super high end
totally worth your money.

Reasons for selling it :
I don't have the space to use it,
I need money to get a prosumer,
I'm not into audios/sound,
I got a 2.1 Altec which is good enough for my computer.

Thank you for reading.