World Rubiks Championship

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It's the 25th World Rubik's Cube Championship
It is this weekend : Oct 5, 6, 7 in Budapest, Hungary
I've always dream of going to World Championships to compete.
It will be long way more till I get like an average of 20sec?
I only managed to get 1 min now.
I really admire those people who can get it below 20sec.
They are either turning the cube 10 times per sec
solving in 40 moves
really Yabai
Dimi, Jon, Yorae, Aikhwee - They are really good cubers, can finish within 40sec
World Champion solved it below 10 sec. O_O

Didn't practice much, lazy to learn new formulas.
I only can do LBL now, hopefully I'll be able to take up OLL and F2L
those are Crazy! hundreds of formulas to learn. OmG

Inside the hall!!!

Aiming for World Yo-Yo Championship 2009!!

Thank you for reading.