Wen Jie

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Well this post is specially for Wen Jie,
apparently his mission failed, but not completely.
I'm very sad to hear that, I thought it will turn out good.
You are a good guy, and I don't think she made a good decision.
Anyway the war has not ended, you still can win this.
For now, my advice is to build more of your barracks, train hard underground, temporary stop attacking, wait for the perfect time to hit!


be strong.

Went out to Wong KoK ss2 for lunch
Nic and Keith

Wen Jie and me

I ordered this set lunch
2 broccolis, 1 pork chop
so little!!

Wen Jie and his Happiness waffle.

After that we went to Yipeee Cup ss2 to get some Bubble milk tea

Evening - went for swimming lesson #2 hahahaha

Night - went to Station One ss15 to yum cha

Daniel shuffling the cards...

Wen Jie with his Happiness drink again!

Station one was just okay only,
but no fight with ss2's cafes - prince, sky, yipee, wong kok, greenwood, etc etc
so many cafes in ss2


Thank you for reading.