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YoYo Meeting
2pm - 6pm
Sunway Pyramid
only 3 of us
Dimi, Khaiboon and me

Since there were only 3 of us, we went to the new wing of Sunway Pyramid to search for new yoyo meeting place. Our old meeting spot was in front of Radioactive old wing, near the bowling alley, but now it has moved.
Apparently, it is called Rufffey Id now, not Radioactive anymore.
and the area there is not suitable to play, too cramp, too many people.

New wing of Sunway Pyramid!
Blur photos, taken with my Moto V3x

This is Dimi with his new Duncan hoodie

Then we went to Beard Papa's.
My chocolate puff
Rating 8/10

I'm pretty occupied for Mon, Tues and Wed
I'm still free tomorrow, book me now!

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