Saturday Outing

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Saturday morning,
I went to Bukit Cherakah - Taman Pertanian Malaysia with my college mates
It's in Shah Alam, a very BIG park/hill

Went there by car, some of them took bus there.
Dangerous driving, do not do this at home,
taking photos while driving!
see all the P drivers in front...
Entrance view
nice scenery
but the entrance fee is VERY expensive!

Rented some mountain bikes,
it's too far to walk inside!
more than 20km.
even cycling is tiring!
RM 4 for 3 hours
Nan me Keith WJ Dan

Passed by Taman Padi
first time I see Padi, noob

Take 2 - haha posers!

Little ponies, Animal Park

A dead end - we didn't know the directions,
it's around 3 km inside.
so we have to go all the way back,
but at least we took a photo!

weak people like Wen Jie needs to buy water
haiyoyoh . hahahaha

Racing time!!!!

Bird park - so many park inside!

After a few hours of cycling,
resting our butt on the small cushion,
only 1/4 of my butt is rested!
damn pain siah!!!
cannot tahan man.
So we decided to take the tour bus to rest our butts.
It was a good ride, took us to places which were deep in!


that's all
left the place around 1pm
rushed back home, then head straight to YoYo Meeting

will post it in the next post!

So tiring!!!!!

Thank you for reading.