Rush Hour

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Rushed back from college today!
Went to 1 Utama today with Siok Yee.
She wanna watch Rush Hour 3, so I accompany her.
haha, bahhh
well it's actually the GSC Blockbuster Re-runs
RM 5 per tix weeeee

August 10, and today is 5th Oct!

After movie, went to Toy r' us,
thought of getting the 4x4 cube,
really wanna learn 4x4,
but OMGz look at the price!!!!!
RM 75, it's more expensive than the 5x5
which is RM 70. wth man
ahhhh no money!!!
so didn't buy =(

then I saw this!
mini 3x3 rubik's
so cute wei !
really wanted to buy too,
but again fexpensive, hahaha
RM 20, better buy the normal size, which is RM 25

Toys are getting more and more expensive nowadays.

After that, we went to William's for our dinner.
I took Bread Chicken Special
not bad, quite nice.

Thank you for reading.