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Yeah basically I have nothing to post about,
but I don't want to let my readers out there feel disappointed.
So I'll just say something - bare in mind, it will be boring!

1. Lunch in METC were horrible for the past few days!
We have to pay for the food, it is compulsory whether you eat or you don't. We have to pay RM4 for the food. The food was not that bad before Ramadhan Puasa, because there was this generous cook that would not mind how much you take.
Then this lady took over after Hari Raya, she is damn 'Kiam Siap', only let us take 1 small fish, 1 triangle egg,
and a few vege only ; yes a few, you can count!!!
Really WTF man, damn pissed off.
And she's fat, she don't smile, she's lazy, she needs a few helper to help her out to distribute the food, etc etc. No hard feelings but that's the facts!
I would definitely prefer the old cook which was very friendly and generous.

Yes don't be frightened! This is what we eat in METC on Wednesday
The rice can be more, but who wants to eat plain white rice
clockwise from top - Fish, egg, vege, egg

this is what we drink EVERYDAY!
Red colour syrup

2. I'm selling off my Creative 7.1 Gigaworks S750 speakers!
It's brand NEW.
I'm so proud of this speaker, won it during Dec 2004 SuperYoYo.
2nd in Malaysia! woot!!!!!
I've never use it before, because it is too big, too many small cute speakers.
No place to put and besides I have a equally good 3.1 Altec Lansing woofer.
Better sell it to those who will appreciate it!
I'm really going to sell it cheap!!!!
When it first came out, it was like RM5k.
hopefully someone will take over it.
I am willing to let it go at RM1.2k
Please pass the message to your friends if they are searching for speakers,
it's worth your cents!
Trust me

3. Did an experiment today on capacitor, it is so fun!
We did it 3 times thanks to Capt. Rahman
We actually switch the electrolytic capacitor's polarity - negative to positive, positive to negative. This is Electrical fundamentals, easy experiments.. hehe

The most important characteristic of electrolytic capacitors is that they have polarity. They have a positive and a negative electrode. This means that it is very important which way round they are connected. If the capacitor is subjected to voltage exceeding its working voltage, or if it is connected with incorrect polarity,
it may burst.
It is extremely dangerous,
because it can quite literally explode.
Make absolutely no mistakes.

4. I'm buying something online, and I need someone who is good with PayPal!
If you have an account then its good!
If you have used Paypal before then its better,
if you can lend me your Paypal account then its EVEN Better.
I will of course pay you back.

5. Today will be an important day for 1 of my best friend in METC.
He is going for a big mission, I wish him ALL the best.
And I know he'll make it!
You'll be reading this after the mission, anyway IF the mission failed, pls don't give up!
I know you will make it 1 day! but hey touch wood.
I can see your it in your heart, its all SH. SH. SH.!
She won't be reading my blog anyway so you dont have to worry.
All the best my friend.
I'm so proud of you, I wish I could be like you...


Thank you for reading.