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The new Duncan Pulse YoYo!
I got it from my sponsor pack, and I must say that it is the one of the best Light Up YoYo ever! It 's a great Looper! Similar to the Speed Beetles, changes colors as it speeds up. Really damn cool, I'll be using this for 2A next time if there is any night performance.

changes it's color when you spin it!

No use being emo so much, ain't healthy.
Get on with our life, appreciate what we have!
I was being emo for the pass few days, not anymore!
=) always, weeeeeeee

anyway my mum's friend from Germany is here in Malaysia,
so we will be the tour guide for 3 days!
weeeeeee, I'll be joining them for dinner later,
cos I just came back from college, and they are all out!
Go out = more things to see = more things to do
= more pictures to take = more blogging

p/s : Eric Koloski got 2nd in USA YoYo Nationals!
I'm his number one fan! He is uber yabai!

Thank you for reading.