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Well, I've just finished watching Prison Break Season 3 Episode 1.
weeeee, it is getting more intense in Sona!!!!!
I'm a huge fan of Prison Break, as what Daniel said, the show is all about breaking out of the prison. So I'll not be surprise to see if Michael Scofield tries to break out 5 prisons till season 10. hahaha
I was once a Lost fan, but Season 3 of Lost was like ' Wth, no one is going to leave the damn island, it's getting more and more complicated'!

Anyway, I took my dinner yesterday in Ming Tien with my family and our German friend. lol
It was all okay until I ordered the Takoyaki without checking the damn price. I got hooked up to Takoyaki in Asia Cafe, and it was RM4 for 6 Balls!
Back in MingTien, RM4 for 3 Balls!!!! wtf sia, fexpensive!

The boat...

The balls, without wasabi.
Asia Cafe's - better

Exams are around the corner, I have 2 major papers coming soon.
Physics B and Electrical B - Total up 700 pages to read within 12 days
1 day = 60 pages!!! and that is only read! I don't read, I write.
It's going to be stressful!!! ahhh no raya mood.
SPM is also coming soon, good luck to all SPM-ERS (spammers?) LOL
I'll be going to the library for the holidays, I like studying in the library.
anyone wanna join me?

Thank you for reading.