New YoYos

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Saturday noon, went to Starbucks, Sunway Pyramid to meet up with my yoyo friends.
First time in the new Starbucks which is located in the new wing.
Nice place.

pretty girls... lol

Shakeel showing off his tricks

Anyway, I bought 3 new yoyos from Raymond.
It's the latest yoyo imported directly from China.
Really really cool.
so called 'bootleg' yoyos / imitation yoyos

YoYo #1 - Aoda MK2 Radian / Anti-Yo Bapezilla
comes with concave bearing

YoYo #2 - Aoda Takuto's L2
1 concave bearing, 2 stack bearings
woooot!!! damn nice

YoYo #3 - Auldey's Dif e yo Bone Chip
Concave Kaelson bearing!

3 new yoyos
nice leh?

total price - RM250

oh well


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