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Today was a normal day
I came home from college,
my dad told me I got a package from Singapore!!!!
so happy about it
and yes it is from Spinworkx!
Last month I ordered 3 BigYos, can't help it.
I have to get more spares for BigYo.
Few months ago during MYYC 07, I didn't have enough BigYos for my Offstring freestyle.
Screwed up badly =( ended up 2nd

The package from Singapore!
3 BigYos + t-shirt
Big Thanks to COLIN

The 3 new Big Yos
so happy!
wanna know the price?
RM 308

All my BigYos
they will not be alone now
they have lots of friends now to chat with

Anyway after being so happy,
I went to Atria just to get a Hair Cut
It was one of the longest hair cut ever!
40mins!! She took her own sweet time cutting 1 hair by 1 hair
so yea I went back home after that and my parents asked me :
You went to the barber? I said no, why?
They said its toooo SHORT!!
yeah I didn't realise that until I came home haha

booooo bought prepaid reload for my hp
I'm running low of cash now@@!!
spent alot lately!

Thank you for reading.