Happy Library

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Okay, I'll be combining 2 days into 1 post because I spent both days in the library.
1st day was with Ee En,
we did 8 hours of studying,
that's like woooot, 8 hours?
my first time studying so long in a library.
haha, 150 pages of Electrical!
hahaha so happy!!

Thank you Ee En!

2nd day was with Mei Wan,
it was quite late when we arrived because we had something to do in the morning
managed to complete 30 pages of physics.

and yeah we decided to take our dinner there,
so we have some extra time to camwhore

my spicy pan mee from oldtown
don't judge a book by its cover

bleh, nothing better to do
oh yah, Thank You Mei Wan!

Thank you for reading.