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I called 9 of my friends to go to the library today, but none of them say yes =(
woi study lah people! haha.
Most of them have already finished their exams, so they didn't want to study anymore! So I went to the library alone to study as I am desperate to keep my schedule on time. 60 pages per day, 700+ pages in 2 weeks. Yesterday I did nothing, today I targeted 150 pages to recover back from my lost time, did 120 pages just now in the library.
maybe I'll do a few more later.

No joke man in the Aviation industry,
studying Avionics.
seriously hard!
You have to cope up or not you'll be left out. So many smart people in my class and I'm the lazy one who plays yoyo, cube, blog everyday!

My library table
All by myself

my neighbor, hahaha, playing with my phone.
Toooo boring

Then, my parents called to ask me to join them for lunch.
Went to Tesco, Mutiara Damansara.
took Nasi Kandar.

Oh ya I bought a pair of formal black shoes today!
Pierre Cardin
It's for me to go to school

The shoe box

Then we went for groceries shopping.

That's all
hmmmm where should I go tomorrow?
no plans yet!!!!
YoYo? Movie?

Tomorrow will be Hari Raya
and the library will be close.

I need to study moreeeee

Thank you for reading.