Hope dangles on a string

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It's complicated! I don't know what happened to me lately.
Really not in the mood to do anything,
Today was like one of the most boring day, wasn't feeling good.
Did basically nothing, eat sleep cube yoyo daydreaming,
tried studying, failed miserably.
wth, such a lifeless day and it's raining now....
No mood to go out also, suddenly felt like staying at home, so not me.
Jasmine asked me to watch movie with her, but I turned her down.
I think she's angry. =( I'm so sorry, next time k.
Like slow spinning redemption, winding in and winding out.

Go away emo!
I should look up to blue skies and say hey!
It's okay, It's okay.
Crumbs! Vindicated!

Thank you for reading.