Charity show

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Saturday :
As usual, went to Sunway Pyramid for yoyo gathering.
Meet them in McD, throw for awhile,
then left Sunway to Old Klang Road to pick up Dimi.
After that we headed straight to our charity show in SENTUL.
Damn far.
2 cars - 7 performers
Rumah Titian Kasih
80 yoyos were given to the kids, sponsored by Duncan and M-Yo
The Malaysian YoYo Team gearing up.....

This time I did Double Handed using the new Pulse.
Oh ya this will be our first time performing without music,
as you can see Dimi is holding a phone just for some music

And a bit of Offstring with Flying Panda
Look at their faces - smiling ahead can't wait to receive the yoyos
It's a Duncan yoyo you know, not cheap man.
Not pasar malam one.
If it is not a Duncan, it isn't a : Selamat Hari Raya kiddo, this is for you. =)
kiddo : weeeeeeeeee thank you bang!!!

weeeeeeee I was very happy,
there were only 3 chinese there,
me, wooi ming and 1 cute chiq
she said I'm cute,
although I'm not.
perasan sia. hahahahaha
I should have taken a picture with her!
arghhhh....oh well

Thank you for reading.