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Went to Sunway Mentari for steamboat dinner with my family and a friend. The name of the shop is Yuen's steamboat. RM18.80 per person, eat as much as you can, buffet style.

Bare with my blur pic, I need a camera!

RM 6 for 100g of unfinished food. Better eat finish or else you'll pay for it

weeeeeee, steamboat in tom yam and ching tang.

my plates, haha

After the dinner, we fetched her back to her hotel which is Renaissance in KL.

Kim Ah Joong
Her OST songs are so beautiful,
touching vocals, sad lyrics.

And the movie was endearingly sad. Go watch it if you haven’t. 200 pounds. It’s about a big woman with wonderful vocals who went for plastic surgery to live the life she wants.

(Byul) (Star)
part of the lyrics :
우리의 행복한 시간이 짧았도 비록, 나는 그같이 나의 심혼안쪽에 그것을 깊은 곳에서 별의 무수할 수, 영원히 비축해 둘 것이다
Even though our happy times were short, I’ll treasure it deep inside my heart like those countless number of stars, forever

damn nice lah this song, go download it!!

Thank you for reading.