6 hours driving

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I took lots of photos today!
I shall blog it all now!!
My mum's German friend is going back tonight, so today will be her last day here in Malaysia. And so, we took her around KL again! Today was my first day of my 1 week raya break, so I drove her around KL. weeeeee! First up, we took her from Kelana Jaya station to Uptown.
Sate Kajang in Uptown Damansara.
Kajang is too far. haha.
We sat down for 15 minutes, and apparently they told us it is still early and the sate's are not ready yet! Argh!

Then we headed down to Taman Tun, to take some Roti Canai.
My roti sardin

Then we went to the Tian Hou Gong temple,
she wanted to see some traditional stuffs.
The temple is located up the hill in Seputeh!
A very very big temple!
I'm born in the year of dragon! 1988, weeee
The mighty horse! =P
The cute pig!

Don't scroll down so fast!
I spent time taking all of them,
so enjoy lah!
hahaThere were many more animals
A total of 12 different animals.

Inside the temple!
I'm happy, due to some reasons. haha =P
The other part of it.
After that, we decided to go to
The Gardens!!!

Huge sofas were placed in the middle!
Then we went to Kim Gary for our dinner.
This is what I ordered for my dinner
Kiwi snow blended,
RM 4.50
rating 3/10
I don't recommend this!
seriously, it is too sweet and artificial.
This is much better
Fresh lemon tri-color
rating 7/10

After dinner, we headed down to Renaissance Hotel in KL.
I did learn lots of new roads in KL from my dad
which I'm quite happy with.
Jalan Sultan Ismail - where Renaissance is.
Jalan Raja Laut
Jalan Pahang
Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman
Jalan Tun Razak
Yeah that's her, leaving Renaissance to catch her flight back home!
Bye, have a safe journey home,
hope you enjoy Malaysia. =)

That's not all!!
As I was the one driving,
I insisted to learn the way from my dad to the Eye on Msia
which is located in the Titiwangsa Lake.
weee and I made it!
Did not get on it though

Before going home, we stopped by in SS 2 Pasar Malam

what a looong day.

I'm planning to get a new camera!

Thank you for reading.