30th Post

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Thanks to Vic, this would be my 30th post,
it had been a month since I started to blog.
Got hooked up to it,
Happy 1 month blogging anniversary!

So today is Friday,
as usual it's a school day and we will take our lunch outside of the airport because we have a 3 hours 'Friday prayers' break.
Had lunch with Jack Dan Keith Vig Fad Jon in Pizza Hut Sunway Pyramid.

After class, went for my first swimming 'lesson'.
Don't laugh, I managed to get some hang on breast stroke liao.
What we need is time and practice!

Then, I went to Prince cafe ss2 to yumcha with my cousin till 1am.
so tired.

I think I am getting sick soon
swimming is tiring and strenuous.

Some souvenirs I got from my friends that went for holidays!

Wen Jie gave me an Eiffel Tower

Daniel gave me a 747 - Japan Airlines

Thank You!

Thank you for reading.