Mooncake Festival in Taylors

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Last night, there was a mooncake festival in Taylors College, SJ
I picked up Vic and headed to Giant,
to get some lantern to play with.
But we did not get the chance to play =(
maybe next time.
After Giant we went to Summit,
didn't know it was so near to Giant.
haha noob.
I met with Shiva* hehe, and his Gf. hehe
He's a nice guy, didn't talk to him much though.
after that > Taylors College.
Went in swooosh so manyyy people.
It was a nice event,
lots of performance but no refreshments ha.

Chinese orchestra.

Diabolo Team - they were impressive!

World Team Diabolo Champion - really YABAI man.
they can do the tricks just like the ones in MADFEST in USa.

and Daniel the Malaysian Idol.

After the event we rushed to Dimi's place,
to pass him something.
was driving at a speed of 190km/h
haha jkjk

Then back to Asia Cafe for our Dinner,
which was at 11.30pm?
wanna know what i ate?

Wantan mee with LOTS of Vege.

Having slight cough now =(

Thank you for reading.