Malacca Trip

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Hey!!!! I'm back here in KL. I spent my weekend in Malacca, I was attending my cousin's wedding. Even though I spent only one night in Malacca, I miss KL so much, I miss blogging, miss driving in KL, miss chatting with you, miss the lifestyle here, miss everything. haha.

Alright now, about the trip!

Saturday morning, 6.30am
Started out our journey, first time driving to Malacca, 150km away. My dad did not follow as he got something else to do. So I did what heroes do, DRIVE. haha. Took me an hour + to reach Malacca, I was not really speeding , average around 120km/h as my mom was sitting beside me telling me to slow down all the time!!!! LoL. Reach Malacca around 7.45am

Took our breakfast in one of the coffee shop,
Malacca's mee rebus - rm 2.50
not bad wei for such a price. haha

Tea ceremony
The wedding car, damn fierce right?
from Singapore btw. haha
I like it, its a modified Vios

The traditional wedding style.

Visited their new house

With the new Samsung Plasma !!!

Their wedding album.
nice right? so loving.
who says nothing last forever.
wrong, I have to disagree with that phrase.
They were like dating for 10 years!
yes 10 Years!!! from secondary till now.
nothing is impossible man.
so couples out there, don't ever give up ya!

We went to Malacca town to buy some chikedeees, snacks
went to Tan Kim Hock, if you know the place you should know what I bought.
Haha and Eng Chee Seng. Blek. =P

Wedding Dinner
Melaka Raya, one of the restaurant there
weeee lanternsss.

inside the restaurant

The Bride and the Groom walking in.

Camwhoring with my sis.

my cousin and us

on the way back
I saw this Eurowheel,
so nice, can't wait to go to Eye of Malaysia!!

went back home, talk talk talk and sleep
I was thinking about the future,
When do I get married?
Who will it be?
Where will it be?
How grand can it be?
etc etc, hahaha blek =P

Sunday morning - 8am
Malacca's Nyonya Chang!!!
Daammmnnn nice, only available here in Malacca.!!!

went to the temple and pray
*prayed for you too, make sure you are not E anymore and hopefully things will be better, *

the Famous Malacca's Chicken Rice BALL!!!!
only available here in Malacca.

Left Malacca and again I was the one driving
back here now blogging.

thats all for the day
I wanna go so manyyy places in KL now
so many New places.

Thank you for reading.