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Today is my FOC air ticket expiry date,
aiks so sad, didn't go anywhere outside
Malaysia this year with my FOC ticket.
This year, I went to Kuching,
Singapore, Singapore and Singapore
by bus

I can go ANYwhere in the WORLD
with that ticket, yes anywhere
Free. Ahhh. Just don't have the
money to go. Oh well, I still have another
one coming soon.

weee didn't do anything much today,
went to college, 3 hours of class 4 hours of free time
slept for 1 hour, studied for 30min
and lepak here and there, really a waste of time.

We have this rule in our college,
Have to Roll call at 7.45am and 5pm
If you are not there, you are absent.
That means even though you have
nothing to do, you still have to be in
college for the stupid roll call at 5pm.

Thank you for reading.