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College was boring today as i only had 2 hours of Electrical and Instrument which was quite interesting.
Then from 11am till 5pm - Free time. LoL

Most of the instructors are busy for tomorrow's event.
Dato Sri Mohd Najib , our Deputy Prime minister is coming for an official launch of METC.
The future college for Aviation Engineering haha bah.!
I'm quite happy I'm in it. I'm proud of myself haha.

I shall show you some pics of my college.

Weeeee this is my class, the Avionics Lab. Aviation + Electronics = Avionics hehe
this is the best class in METC as avionics is a harder subject compared to mechanical. hehe
only 23 of us were selected for this course, and I'm one of the youngest. haha

This is where I take my Breakfast and Lunch.
The cafe 727, named after the late Boeing 727. haha

As you can see it is EMPTY. haha PUASA TIME
Puasa time = break time decrease = choices of food decrease = price Increase

View from my class

Boring-ness - in the Library
cam-whoring skills learn from someone.*

Thank you for reading.