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Last week I went to Singapore to try out this new CAFE! Its called NON ENTREE DESSERTS This place is pretty cool, pretty hipster. Colourful entrance made it great As you can see they sell desserts like ang ku kueh..
But there's a twist of it, it's not actually an ang ku kueh..
It's just the looks of it.
Same goes to this cookie with icing on top.

and this is the tutu kueh. 8.90$ Slightly pricey but probably worth a try Next up is the rubber ducky dessert. You probably think that this is not edible. But in actual fact, its a mango pudding jelly with ice cream and then you have this! It's 100% dessert. That's not an egg. It's a vanilla ice cream there. With cendol and a few more sweet stuff White rabbit ice cream eh? Something different Everything is cool and different here If you want to try out something new, pls come by. I only managed to try two of their desserts Maybe you can update me the rest of it?

Thank you for reading.