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Met up with my high school friends!
Choong Fu, Jannifer and Ming Kim are back from Melbourne, while Hannah has gone back to UK. lol

We had Chinese dai jao dinner at Restaurant 88 Aman Suria.
Food was good and cheap, but no pics of the food though, ugh..



dinner-with-hannah Girls
The girls : Yi Ying, Hannah, Jannifer and Jasmine

dinner-with-hannah Guys
The guys : me, Choong Fu, Ming Kim and Wei Jheng.

dinner-with-hannah group
everyone at CF's house! group shot da best.

Thank you for reading.


Anonymous said...
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kenwooi said...

looks fun..
it has been quite some time since i met my high school friends =P


Next time do some crazy post for the last grp photo =D

benooi said...

I know this place! really cheap!

Ewin Ee said...


faster go meet them! later they emo u

Ewin Ee said...


oh ya lo haha lupa alll same same

Ewin Ee said...


haha yeaaa! not bad la!
u stay around here too?

HitoMi^^ said...

canon baju ni!! haha, btw, nice group photos...all very happy happy wo

Ewin Ee said...


haha ya canon!

yawo everyone happy